World Globes

From world travelers to geography lovers, globes make great gifts for lots of people. However, you don’t have to be either to appreciate the beauty that a globe offers. Globes are at once simple and complex works of art. This is a result of the contrast of their simple spherical shapes with the fine detailing of cities, countries, and continents.

People of all ages love globes. The vastness of the Earth mesmerizes children. The unknown intrigues them. In terms of adults, they appreciate the memories sparked by spotting countries and cities they have visited, as well as the inspiration received to go on new adventures.

Originally, globes were used for educational purposes. However, they also make lovely decorative pieces.

California artist, Wendy Gold, creates custom designed world globes. She uses hand-collaged vintage illustrations—from flora and fauna to motivational messaging—when creating her art. Gold’s globes are handmade in the USA, and are available in multiple sizes, colors, and designs. You can personalize and engrave each globe for a custom and unique touch. Personalizing a globe as a gift for a loved one is a unique and fresh take on gift-giving, no matter the occasion.

Decorate with World Globes

Globes add a touch of cosmopolitan style to any decor, from traditional spaces to contemporary settings. They are a way of expressing your sense of adventure and love of exploration. Their spherical shape is an easy way to add a touch of sculptural curvature to your decor. Decorators and interior designers typically place globes in offices or studies. But they don't have to be; globes also look great when used as accent pieces in living rooms, bedrooms, and children’s playrooms.

An Educational Tool

In addition to being beautiful decorative pieces, globes are also great educational tools. Children can study them and learn where the country they live in is located. Globes also help children understand the concept of longitude and latitude. Lastly, globes can give children an overall grasp of how big the world is.

We Offer Two Base Styles

Wendy Gold offers axis stand and Y-shaped globes in two sizes: nine or twelve inches. The globes are eco-friendly and handmade. Reclaimed paper fiber is used in the creation process of each globe.

1. Axis Stand

The axis stand gives globe stands a more modern style and a more decorative design. The axis sits on a handmade hardwood base. The bases are available in five different finishes: three painted, and two stained. The globe spins fully around on the axis for easy viewing. This lets it act as a great learning tool to teach children how the earth spins on its axis.

2. Y-shaped Cradle

The Y-shaped cradle is a very tangible and hands-on design. The globe's owner can easily pick it up with this style of construction. This permits the owner to view their globe up closely. Also, the Y-shaped cradle lets the owner position the globe on the base however he or she prefers. Each handmade base is crafted from solid maple.

All bases include complimentary custom engraving of a name, initials, location—the options are endless.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Wendy Gold upcycles all materials in the creation process of her World Globes. The collage process utilizes eco-friendly glues and finishes, and recycled materials. All materials are sourced in the USA. The globe balls are made from post-consumer reclaimed paper fiber.