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Travel Push Pin Kit


Track your travels on our Wendy Gold pin maps or globes. Use the colorful push pins to designate the places you've visited or want to visit. For an added touch, wrap the red string around each pin to chart your trips, write country names or memories on the adhesive flags, and place the adhesive flags around the pins to pinpoint locations.

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Push Pin Kit includes:

  • Choice of 100 Black, Red, White, or Multicolored Pins
  • 4mm round pin head
  • pin shaft is 1/2" long
  • Red string for charting trips
  • 50 adhesive flags to pinpoint locations
  • For use with our push pin globes or push pin foam backed maps. Comes in cotton pouch with directions.
  • 4mm round pin head
  • pin shaft is 1/2" long
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