4 Perfect Occasions for Gifting Personalized Push Pin Maps

So many people have already discovered their ideal gifts at Wendy Gold Studios. Whether it be her push pin maps, vintage globe art or push pin globes, Wendy brings together artistry with personalization that is rarely seen.

Some consider gift giving an art; others a science. Many approach it with passion and enthusiasm, while others find it to be a burden. Overall, no one wants to give someone they love a dull, forgettable gift. And nowadays, personalized gifts are the height of exceptional gifting.

A personalized push pin map brings a unique approach to gift-giving. The one-of-a-kind artistry means incomparable value. For anyone with a passion for travel or adventure, push pin gifts are a way to preserve a visual record of past, present and future.

While there are so many occasions to gift a push pin map, here we've highlighted four common ones.

1. Anniversaries

When Wendy couldn't find the perfect wedding gift for a beloved friend with a passion for travel, her Anniversary Push Pin Map was born. It now ranks among her most celebrated and best-selling creations.

If ever there were an occasion for a personalized push pin map, this is it. It’s custom, handmade, and lets you celebrate the places you’ve been and the romantic memories you’ve shared. On the map you can display your honeymoon destination, your wedding locale, the place you first met, or any place that’s special to you.

The anniversary push pin map is perfect for a significant other, family member, or a friend. And, Wendy can help create an enduring, artistic tribute to any relationship that can be proudly displayed forever. It is a truly enchanting piece to gift to a loved one.

2. Graduations

Few occasions marks life's journey quite like graduations. As a joyous acknowledgement of achievements, graduations represent more than just academic advancement. It's a huge milestone and the starting point for new adventures in the world.

A graduation push pin map is an opportunity to recognize the steps they've taken, the places they've traveled, and the subjects they love. Additionally, it provides a change to dream about all the next steps of their journey.

Like most of Wendy’s push pin maps, this ideal graduation gift can be personalized and customized to fit almost any budget. Make it a DIY rolled print, or go for a large, framed one. Your choice. What a great and memorable reward for all their hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence.

3. Retirement

Much like graduations, retirement is a time to reflect, celebrate, and look to the future. For many, this is the ultimate achievement. It is a time to kick back, relax, and seek new adventures. Retirement is another perfect occasion to give the gift of custom push pin map.

Often, retirement is synonymous with travel and adventure. And when given a custom push pin map, a retiree can immediately start pinning their past destinations while planning where they will go next. Wendy's map personalizations allows you to highlight their hobbies and interests, which makes this gift even more exciting. With work in the rearview mirror, there’s no limit to where a Wendy Gold personalized push pin retirement map can take them.

4. Birthdays

More than likely, this is the first occasion that comes to mind when you think of gift-giving. After all, birthdays are the most frequent special occasion because we all have one. But just because they happen to us every year, doesn’t mean we can’t make gifting for them a truly personalized and one-of-a-kind experience.

We know friends and family are always searching for the perfect birthday gift. We also know that no two people or no two birthdays are the same. Maybe you’re celebrating a travel enthusiast. Someone who loves their hometown, state, or country. Someone with a lasting, profound affection for a previous vacation, honeymoon destination, or any place of strong, emotional connection. A personalized push pin map can be the finest visual expression of that fondness and warmth.

Not only do push pin maps make for lovely decor, but they also bring lasting joy. It’s the only birthday gift we know where you can map and chart your past adventures, plan for your next, all while letting the beauty of it surround you.

Gifting a Push Pin Map from Wendy Gold Studios

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gift-giving occasions. There are countless more in which personalized push pin maps make the perfect gift.

Each is handmade to order, personalized for each recipient, and is certain to stand out the moment it's unwrapped.

For which special occasion will you gift a Wendy Gold push pin map?

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  • Kathy Jobson

    Interested in a background of the mountains or forest of Oregon with the United States overlay for a wedding gift. Pushpin map, framed, names are Ryan and Olivia Jobson, June 4, 2022. Their destination wedding is in Flintstone, Georgia so would like this pushpin already marked.

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