Push Pin Globes

Find the perfect travel keepsake here! Shop our collection of custom designed push pin globes by artist Wendy Gold. Our collection offers standard push pin globes, globes with personalized legends, globes with personalized decoupage designs, and our custom engraved globes. All push pin globes are available in 4 colors. The handmade solid hardwood bases are available in 7 finishes, and bases are designed so globes fully spin around. Additionally, each patent pending push pin globe includes a push pin travel kit. This kit includes everything you need to start tracking and pinning your travels. Handmade in the USA.

Find the Perfect Gift

A big part of traveling is documenting your adventure. Some travelers go the route of journaling about their journey. Others take photographs of the places they visited and the sights they saw. California artist, Wendy Gold, offers explorers a new way of chronicling their trip: push pin globes. Functioning as her canvas, the globe’s sense of wonder and nostalgia inspires Gold as she layers her artwork on top of it. The finished product, which includes a push pin travel kit, is an exciting and interactive piece of artwork which you or a loved one can use to document destinations visited.

The push pin globes are available in a variety of styles. Find the one that best fits your gifting requirements.

Globes with Personalized Legends

Customize your map with a personalized legend. From a family name to a congratulatory nod, any caption of your creation can be placed on the globe.

Push Pin Globes with Personalized Decoupage Art Designs

Want an added artistic touch to your push pin globe? Tell us your idea! And Wendy will bring it to life to make your customized globe. The art will be decoupaged by hand and placed on the globe with eco-friendly glues and finishes. Don’t be shy—the more creative the better!

Custom Engraved Push Pin Globes

Make it personal with our custom engraved push pin globes. On the solid wood base of the globe, we will engrave whatever message you desire—whether it be a milestone you are celebrating, or a special note to the gift recipient—to create the perfect keepsake and gift.

Example of customized legend on a push pin globe

Style & Function

Push pin globes creatively mix style with function. They act as lovely decorative pieces and personal travel logs.

Style: Push pin globes make for beautiful decorative pieces. Place one next to the couch in the living room. Or on the desk in your office. The globes are available in four standard colors. The handmade solid wood bases come in seven different finishes. The globes will easily blend with the decor of your home.

Function: Push pin globes are great conversation starters for when you are entertaining family and friends. Say you are having a party and you notice someone admiring your globe and wondering what the pins are all about. At that moment you can step in and share your tales of traveling the world. And the fully spinning globe allows for seamless storytelling about each one of your destinations.

Zoomed in photo of push pin globe with pins, thread, and tag marking a honeymoon vacation

Push Pin Globes:
Remembering the Past & Inspiring the Future

With every globe comes a travel kit which includes push pins for tracking your travels, string for charting your trips, and flags for pinning each of your locations. Push Pin Globes act as a visual representation of all the countries and cities you have visited around the world. The purpose of the globe and included accessories is twofold. First, you will be inspired to see more of the world in the future as you document each destination. Second, you are certain to be overcome with a feeling of wanderlust and a deep desire to see more of this amazing planet with each pin pushed into the globe.


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