Vintage Globe Art

What makes your world spin? Using recycled vintage globes as her canvas, artist Wendy Gold brings the world to life with her collection of original handmade decoupage vintage globe art. Personalize it, customize it. If you can dream it, we can make the perfect art globe to commemorate any life milestone or event. Each globe is an original work of art and designed to brighten the décor in your home or office.

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About Vintage Globe Art

Traditionally, explorers and travelers used globes as a visual representation of the earth. This is how they located bodies of land and water in relation to each other. The oldest terrestrial globe dates back to the late fifteenth century. Globes were very difficult and expensive to make. Therefore, they were held in high regard and almost exclusively owned by royalty. Owning a globe gave one status back in those days.

Over time though, owning a globe has become more commonplace. At the same time, globes have also become as decorative as they are functional. Now, homes, restaurants, hotels, and stores feature globes as part of the decor. Homeowners and interior decorators believe that a globe gives a space a worldly and cosmopolitan aesthetic, while also invoking memories of trips taken and simultaneously inspiring new adventures. While she appreciates the functional purpose of a globe, California artist, Wendy Gold, applies the decorative purpose for her vintage globe art.

Inspiration & Creative Process

In 2010, while browsing her local flea market, Wendy spotted “the most beautiful globe she had ever seen” and that is when her passion for creating vintage globe art was born. Wendy’s creative process starts by hand-cutting imagery. She then decoupages the images onto a vintage globe. And each globe is sourced in US vintage markets—from her local flea market and estate sales to online outlets—so no two pieces of art will be the same; the end product is truly one of a kind. Since the globes are no longer geographically accurate, Wendy “makes new worlds” with them.

Choosing Your Vintage Globe Art

Wendy’s vintage globe art features a variety of different themes. There are globes featuring colorful schools of fish and beautiful bouquets of flowers. The nature lover in your life will certainly appreciate them. For the traveler who enjoys all things meta, there are globes donning inspirational travel legends. And you can’t forget the little ones—Wendy offers a globe featuring friendly monsters or a lovely and beautiful rainbow.

The traditional placement of a globe is either on a bookshelf or a desk. But we are of the opinion that the vintage globe art is a truly versatile piece that seamlessly fits in any space and blends with all decors. Globes are generally twelve inches in size, but larger sizes are available on request.

The World is Yours

You can personalize and customize your own vintage globe art. Hoping to inspire your little one into becoming a world traveler? Get them a personalized globe for their bedroom! Know some newlyweds who just traveled through Europe on their honeymoon? Gift them a customized globe celebrating their nuptials and travels complete with their names and anniversary date! Any milestone or memory—from birthdays and anniversaries to graduations and new careers—can be commemorated on Wendy’s vintage globe art.

Commitment to the Environment

Wendy Gold uses upcycled globes in her creative process. The decoupage process utilizes eco-friendly glues and finishes, and recycled materials. Wendy sources all her materials in the USA.


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