How we do it

First, we source vintage and modern maps and globes. Some we seek out; others come to us through serendipity. Next, we turn them into art. From decoupaging antique ephemera to executing bold, imaginative new designs, there is applied art in every stroke. Each finished piece is unique.

Wayfinding and Placemarking

Globes and maps tell stories of where you’ve been, where you want to go, and who you are. When you browse our galleries you’re likely to find art you want on one page, and a legend or plaque on another. We’re happy to mix and match pieces and styles to realize your dreams.

How We Make It Yours

Every map and globe we make is unique; we can add or change anything to suit your taste. How about a red rose to indicate a loved one’s location? We can decoupage that. Honor that special couple with a map showing where they’ve lived? We’ll add art to indicate each place, plus a custom legend.

Adore one of our globes just the way it is, but want to change the font or move the legend? No problem!

Want an entirely new creation, inspired by your personal hopes and plans? If you can dream it, we can make your dream come true.

 Feeling inspired? Are you interested in commissioning a custom piece or licensing Wendy's work? Send us a message.