Gift Guide

Need help finding the perfect gift? Browse though our curated gift collections to view our most popular items categorized into interests, hobbies, lifetime milestones like weddings and anniversaries, last minute gifts, and more. If you’re worried that your gift won’t make it in time or you can’t decide which to choose, send a Wendy Gold Studios gift card by email or post and let your lucky receiver select the gift they want most!

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gift certificate

Gift Certificates

When you want to send the perfect gift but are not quite certain... let them decide. As a wedding or anniversary gift, graduation or birthday present, a Wendy Gold gift certificate is a thoughtful solution that can be emailed or sent by post mail in any amount from $20-$2000.  


Printable Gift Card

You've ordered the perfect gift but are worried it won't arrive in time. What to do? We've got you covered. Using our printable gift card, you can fill in details about what you ordered, add a message, send it on to them, and let them know a Wendy Gold creation is on its way.