Meet the Team Behind Wendy Gold Studios

At Wendy Gold Studios, our mission is to transform vintage globes and maps into timeless canvases of creative exploration. Here’s your chance to meet our amazing all-woman team, and learn a little bit about us. Without their hard work, dedication and support, this artistic journey would never be possible.

Wendy Photo
Wendy - Artist and owner
I have the privileged of doing what I love: creating art and living my dream. I feel so fortunate to be able to wake up every day and do something I’m so passionate about. But none of it would be possible without my amazing team.
  • Dream travel destination: Japan, because I love the design aesthetic, the culture, and of course the food.
  • Favorite artist: I'm incredibly inspired by so many artists, but if pressed, I'd have to say Chuck Close.
  • Favorite part of my job: The process of creation and continually challenging myself. Also, working as a team to bring the vision to life.
  • Favorite WGS piece: Probably the California map art. It is inspired by the beauty and wonder of where I call home, a place I love. 

    Kyla Photo
    Kyla - Studio Director
    I manage the day-to-day aspects of the business, both behind the scenes and in the gallery. Most importantly I handle all customer interactions and inquiries, making the creative process exciting and seamless for our clients.
    • Dream travel destination: The French Polynesian Islands. Tahiti or Bora Bora would be a dream. Anywhere with white sandy beaches and over-water bungalows.
    • Favorite artist: My dad, Russ Baker. Using acrylics and oil paints, he creates amazingly hyper- realistic portraits and illustrations.
    • Favorite part of my job: Working with our awesome customers. Our personalized maps and globes are so unique to each individual’s style, travels, and experiences, and I love hearing the memories that are shared through the customization process. The creativity behind turning a concept into an interactive piece, all while seeing the client’s vision come to life, is fascinating to me.
    • Favorite WGS piece: The Flora and Fauna map. I’m partial to anything with purple in it, and I love how all the colors pop on the gray background.

      Sareesha Photo
      Sareesha (and Kaia, the most enthusiastic gallery greeter) - Social Media Manager
      I’m lucky to be able to curate and share captivating content on our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok platforms. Every day, I'm inspired by the incredible content we have, and the opportunity to showcase the art that Wendy creates.
      • Dream travel destination: I have always wanted to visit Greece so that I can spend time baking in the sun, exploring the history and indulging in incredible food. Surprisingly, one of my dearest friends, whom I've known since preschool, visits Greece every summer. It's a mystery why we haven't embarked on this adventure together yet!
      • Favorite artist: As cheesy as it sounds, Wendy is probably my favorite artist. She inspires me through her storytelling, color, creativity, and sustainability.
      • Favorite part of my job: Having the ability to share stories through art. Wendy Gold Studios set out to reimagine the world as a canvas, evoke wonder, and capture memories. I get to share these aspects of the work every day through social media.
      • Favorite WGS piece: I have a special fondness for the hometown collage art pieces here in Marin County (only available at the gallery), particularly the Santa Venetia and Mill Valley creations (but I adore the Mt. Tam piece and wish I could put a giant one up in my home). They all bring a smile to my face and evoke cherished memories of my upbringing. Additionally, I hold a deep affection for the National Parks map. Last Christmas, I gifted it to my mom, as we share a love for exploring these beautiful natural wonders together.

        Tessa Photo
        Tessa - Art Studio Assistant
        I work in art production, assembling the fabulous push pin globes and all that comes with them. I also get to work with directly with customers at our gallery location. In short, my responsibilities are to ensure the studio space is running smoothly and efficiently.
        • Dream travel destination: Morocco; I have always wanted to see the fantastic textiles produced here and experience the rich culture and diverse landscapes!
        • Favorite Artist: This is so hard, but Hilma af Klint right now.
        • Favorite Part of My Job: Interacting with people who love the art displayed and hearing how they find themselves within it. I am always so lucky to witness the connections that Wendy's work invokes, whether that be stories of travel, their homes on maps, or remembrance of their lives.
        • Favorite WGS piece: The black decoupaged globe with roots and flowers!
          Our consultants and families
          We couldn’t do any of this without our valued consultants and incredibly supportive family members. Your feedback, patience, IT skills, and muscle are invaluable to our team.

          And of course you, our amazing community
          Last but certainly not least, we are grateful for YOU - our community of thoughtful gifters, travel enthusiasts, and art lovers. Your support, creativity, and unique stories inspire us every day and influence all of our collaborations.

          Together, we celebrate creativity, artistry, and the joy of giving. Explore our product line and discover how Wendy Gold Studios can help you celebrate life's journeys, one personalized masterpiece at a time.

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