The Paper Anniversary: Pin Your Journey Together

The first year together as a married couple is complete. Through thick and thin, the happy couple stuck it out through one orbit around the sun. For some, it's time to defrost that year-old wedding cake. For others, you may be planning a getaway. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, you are probably also trying to find the perfect first anniversary gift.

Did you know that the first anniversary is traditionally known as the Paper Anniversary? Paper may seem like an odd material to commemorate a marriage, but it does open up a ton of possibilities. Some gift ideas include concert tickets, books, or even a deck of cards. However, the Wedding Anniversary Push Pin Map is a unique and exciting option for the Paper Anniversary. It's a special gift idea for the couple that loves to travel together.

What is the Paper Anniversary?

"Paper Anniversary" is a term used to commemorate the first year of marriage. It's a tradition that dates back to the Victorian era. The idea is that paper is symbolic of the delicate nature of a new relationship. Another explanation for this tradition is that since you've only completed 1 year of marriage, there are many more blank pages to fill.

Regardless of its' origins, the subsequent years have their own materials. Every year the material becomes more durable, which signifies the strengthening of your relationship. For instance: 2nd anniversary gift is cotton, 3rd is leather, 4th is linen, and so on.

The Paper Anniversary tradition is a great opportunity to give something personal that will bring back memories of their travels together. Plus, it is a great conversation starter for anniversaries to come!

First Anniversary Gift for Those Who Love to Travel the Globe

Maybe the gift is for your significant other? Maybe it's for your favorite couple? Either way, if they love to travel the world together, our Anniversary Wedding World Push Pin Map is certain to delight and inspire jet-setting newlyweds.

Yes, we know, travelers typically prefer experiences over things. But a genuine globetrotter will truly appreciate these push pin maps. Not only will they help keep track of all the places you’ve been together, but they’ll also provide a beautiful visual reminder of your greatest adventures as a couple.

The Inspiration for Wendy's Creation

Wendy Gold couldn’t find a suitable wedding gift for a dear friend. This inspired her to create the anniversary push pin map. Now these anniversary gifts are the most popular maps in Wendy’s collection. They are for sale all around the world and in multiple languages.

We hope this addition to any blank wall will encourage every couple out there to travel and discover new adventures.

Woman's hand seen pinning locations on the anniversary push pin map

Everything You Need to Know About Push Pin Maps

Perfect for the paper anniversary, our custom-designed world push pin maps are professionally printed on archival quality paper. With the included 100 push pins, you and your significant other can mark the places you have explored. Pin the location of your first trip away together as a couple, or mark the city in which you honeymooned.

This is a thoughtful and creative way to document all the places you have travelled to as a couple. The maps let you commemorate the sights you saw, food you ate, and the friends you made along the way. To paraphrase an old adage, the couple that travels and pins together, stays together. Additionally, you can use the different colored pins to plan future travels.

Push pin maps live in the past, present, and future.

Past: Wendy Gold's maps offer a fun and interactive way to keep track of the incredible places you and your loved one have traveled to and explored together.

Present: The highly detailed map brings a decorative touch to your home. Pinned locations make for great storytelling occasions for family and friends.

Future: A personalized map provides the inspiration for your next vacation destination.

An Anniversary Gift that Gives Back

Wendy Gold gives back. We donate a percentage of sales each year to several charities. Some of which include: Tri-Valley Animal Rescue, Marin Humane Society, Opportunities for Independence, Cedars Marin, and more.

Pinning Your Journey into the Future

St. Augustine said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page.” Push pin maps let you or your favorite newlyweds celebrate and share the “pages” of travels and adventures. From the seasoned traveler to those who are new to life on the road, a map is the perfect gift to document the places they have been and the memories made, while simultaneously finding inspiration to travel to new and exciting places.

We would like to wish you a Happy Paper Anniversary! Enjoy your memorable moments as newlyweds and continue to create lifelong memories from here on out. In the same way that rings are an outward expression of an inward commitment, your love story has been written by you and it's now time for you to write many more chapters together. With every pin on a map, we hope that you take pride in seeing where you've been and where you will go from here.

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