Wedding Globes

Explore our collection of handmade vintage and modern wedding globes and globe guest books created by artist Wendy Gold. If you can dream it, we can craft it. The perfect globe artwork to commemorate any wedding, anniversary, or to use as a guest book at your special event. Choose between one-of-a-kind vintage globes or our custom modern globes, select an original decoupage globe design or work with us to craft your own custom globe, and create the perfect keepsake anniversary, wedding, or milestone gift.


Wedding Globes: The Gift That Stands Out

Gone are the times where a simple envelope will suffice. Yes, everyone appreciates money, but we’re living in a time where we understand that time is fleeting. Accordingly, we want to show the people we love just how special we think they are. A crock pot or a set of knives off a wedding registry just don’t hit the spot anymore. Think vintage, think dynamic- allow this one-of-a-kind gift to strike inspiration. You can gift a globe to mark the newlywed's beginning.

Comparatively, you have the option of gifting a globe before the big day so the couple may use it as a guest book. We've seen people sign picture frames, books, and use their thumbprints to make a tree. Have you ever seen the sparkle in a wedding guest's eyes as they spin a globe and choose precisely where they'd like to make their mark? Not only are they marking their presence on the couple's globe, but they are also making their mark on the couple's heart for a lifetime. With a personalized, hand-crafted Wendy Gold Wedding Globe, you’ll be sure to strike the newlyweds with awe.


A Timeless Gift

Love is timeless. Travel is timeless. Globes are as timeless as it gets. The ancient Greeks back in 700 BC were known to use globes regularly. While things are so wonderfully personalized these days, don’t let your gift be a trend. Think about it. The current trend invokes excitement, yes. What about when it’s over though? Now you have a home full of decorations or pieces you’re looking to replace. That will never happen with a globe. Add a beautiful, personalized touch with the couple’s names and they have a blank slate in which they can chronicle their new lives together.


Personalize Your Wedding Globe

At Wendy Gold Studios we believe in exceptional execution. If we’re going to do something, we’re going to do it with excellence. Wendy Gold herself understands that people are as unique as there are stars in the sky. That’s why our Globes are offered in a variety of styles. If you can dream it up, Gold can create it. We offer different sizes, different engraving options, and your choice of fonts. We also offer a variety of background colors, axis’ and base colors. Moreover, every Wedding Globe includes the couple's names and wedding dates. What really makes our globes stand out is that you can include the newlywed's vows on the globe as well. The world truly is yours when it comes to customizing the perfect gift.


Growing With the Couple

Wendy Gold infuses her creative energy into every handcrafted globe. Each pushpin globe comes with an adventure-building travel kit. Each kit includes 100 push pins for the newlyweds to place as they please. Perhaps they’ll start with mapping out their honeymoon or the new home they purchase. They may even feel so inclined to chronicle their first date or first kiss- the possibilities are truly endless. The travel kit also includes a red string for charting and adhesive flags to document with love the exact pinpoint locations.

A Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a gift? When you give a Wendy Gold globe, it will be remembered for a lifetime. Our globes have been known to render speechless. Certainly, no words are needed, though, when the present speaks for itself. Altogether Beauty, personalization, uniqueness. Look no further for the perfect wedding gift.