Commission a Globe

What makes your world spin? Is it finance, horses, your family ancestry, sailboats, your wedding vows, a favorite song or childhood book, antique cars, a milestone event, or travels around the world? Whatever it is, with our curated collection of vintage globes and hand made push pin globes, we can create a custom work of globe art that brings your passion to life or commemorates any travel adventure, life milestone, important event, or special place.

custom globe

Flaunt your passions
Bull/Bear Globe

A financial planner commissioned a stock market themed vintage globe for her office. By watercoloring newspaper stock sections, we were able to match her office colors and bring her passion of watching the stock market to life.

Celebrate milestones
Corporate Gift- Biomarin

Custom globe commissioned by a company for a retiring employee who had worked for biotech company. The custom globe featured the company branches the employee had opened all over the world.

custom globe
custom globe

Create a family keepsake
Royal Globe

The descendant and member of the British royal family commissioned a family heirloom that artfully featured their families crest decoupaged onto a vintage globe.

Tell a story as the globe spins
Little Prince Globe

In honor of the birth of a baby boy, we were asked to create a Little Prince book globe as a new baby gift. The book and story is brought to life as the globe spins, and was cut from vintage books.

commission globe

Chart it out
Trip Around the World Globe

The friend of a woman who sailed around the world by herself in a small sailboat, commissioned a work of art that would commemorate her friend’s significant achievement. Using the GPS coordinates of the sailor’s ocean travels, we were able to chart the travel course around the world onto a customized pushpin globe.

Contact us with specifics on the theme you want to achieve, color and design style preferences, and any other important information. We'll be in touch to follow up and give you a quote.