Graduation 2021: Mapping Out Your Future

Summertime means warm weather and outdoor fun like beach trips and barbecues. And nothing kicks off the summer and celebrates a life’s journey quite like a graduation or commencement. They're not just a mark of academic success. They're also the beginning of new adventures, and an opening to new worlds.

Right now, students are collecting their diplomas and thinking about their futures. During this transitional time, we honor somebody's achievements, reflect on their journey, and help prepare them for the future. 

A customized push pin map or globe from Wendy Gold Studios is a unique way to celebrate the steps they’ve taken, and the places they've been. It’s also the perfect canvas to chart out and dream about where they’ll go next.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the ways graduates can begin their post-academia travels. With these, they'll grow as an individual and better prepare for the future. 

young graduate holding mini push pin globe she received as graduation gift

First, Why Choose a Pin Map or Globe for a Graduation Gift?

You can celebrate their hometown, college town, or the site of their first job. How about marking that semester abroad, that first road trip, a class trip, or that incredible spring break?

Now think about spreading those wings and spanning across the globe as their success continues. Push pin globes and maps are a perfect way to create a personal and unique keepsake of their ever-changing world.

Berkeley California canvas map art hanging on a wall

1. Start a Career

Of course, this is probably the first thing that comes to mind after graduation. Finding the right career is important for a lot of reasons. It isn’t only about joining the workforce and earning a paycheck. It’s also about discovering opportunities, places and experiences that will prove rewarding year after year. 

For many grads, a career that requires traveling is a dream come true. They can make money and grow in their career, all while indulging a love for travel. For anyone with a sense of adventure, a gift from Wendy Gold is the perfect way to commemorate graduation.

2. Time to Volunteer 

Every summer, a new class of graduates receive their diplomas and get ready to see as much of the world as possible. Many are passionate about visiting foreign countries and exotic locales. Volunteer work is also a fulfilling post-grad pursuit that often brings exciting travel adventures. Volunteering is something they’ll remember fondly for years. And, they can pin their adventures with a custom push pin map.


Volunteering abroad and working to help others is a noble endeavor for a graduate. They'll immerse themselves in the customs of distant places, while giving back. This work can have a formative effect on their growth as an individual. Tracking those locations and experiences on a map or globe from Wendy Gold Studios is the perfect way to preserve those memories and give back a little something to themselves.  

3. Teach English Abroad 

Not every student has a detailed plan ready for when they graduate. In fact, many students use this time to really explore their passions. Therefore, discovering new places while making money is a great choice. With the world opening up again, teaching English abroad might be just the ticket following graduation. 

Often, the combination of global travel, plus the chance to earn a living, proves to be incredibly rewarding. Imagine that special graduate in your life, globe hopping while teaching English in person or on a virtual platform to people all over the world. They can commemorate every travel adventure by pinning those special places on their favorite graduation gift.

4. Learn to Live Alone

Being independent can be difficult when living at home with your parents or in a dorm with friends. Many young adults are afraid to move out because they don’t want to take risks and deal with the uncertain future of being completely on their own. But living with others can also get old quickly if you don’t have any privacy or time alone. It’s important for graduates to learn to live on their own so they can experience the freedom and joy of being independent. While living on your own often means doing your own laundry and dishes, it also comes with some fun things too. For instance, you can decorate how you want and choose any wall for your push pin map!

5. Pursue Your Passion

Following a dream doesn’t have to be a fantasy. Your life won’t always play out as the movies do, but your days and nights should have meaning and purpose just the same. It could happen tomorrow or next decade, but after graduation, they can get started on their own dreams!

Maybe they want to take up scuba diving or golfing. Maybe they want to visit a foreign country or learn a different language. Graduates probably have some big dreams right now that could become realities after graduation. If nothing comes to mind immediately, they should take some time to think about who inspires their creativity and passion. From there, they can figure out how you can become their own inspirational figure.

Unique Graduation gifts from Wendy Gold Studios 

Graduates surely have accomplished a lot over their time in school. Now it's time to explore the world and reach personal goals with all that knowledge under their belt. When you are ready to pick the perfect graduation gift, it's important to pick something that reflects this turning point in their life and the adventures to come.

Like most of Wendy’s work, push pin globes and maps can be personalized and customized to fit almost any budget, style, or space. And while great for so many occasions, they really stand out as an ideal graduation gift, for for graduate of all ages. So think of the graduates in your life and let Wendy Gold help you create a special and memorable reward for all their hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence.

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