Corporate Gifts

When you want to express appreciation to clients, employers, and colleagues or celebrate a worthy business milestone, a customized hand-crafted globe or personalized map art makes a unique, memorable one-of-a-kind gift or tribute. Artist Wendy Gold has designed a collection of distinctive world- and map-themed corporate gifts that can be custom-tailored with imagery, messages, your corporate logo, or your client’s logo.

Client & Partner Appreciation

Show your clients and partner companies they mean the world to you! We’ll design and create globe art or custom maps that incorporate your logo, their logos, brand marques, or key messages that you’ll all be proud to share and display. Encourage client loyalty and retention with hand-crafted, tailor-made art that speaks to your appreciation of them.

Employee Recognition

When your employees give you their time and talent, that gives you the opportunity to recognize their efforts and excellence. When a long-time employee retires – when a team captain leads culture change – when a sales leader sets a new record – show your employees you care. We’ll craft custom, personalized map art and globes to affirm how much you value them. text with an image to tell a story, explain a detail about your product, or describe a new promotion.

Celebrate Company Achievements

Did your company blast through your sales goals? Introduce an innovative product to open fresh markets? Launch a new office in Paris? Win a meaningful competition? Mark your company’s milestones with a unique, custom-crafted, handmade globe or map art designed to pay tribute to your hard-earned successes.

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