Top 6 Surf Spots Around the Globe

In order to surf, all you need is a board and some waves. Luckily for surfers, there are waves all over the world. And because of this fact, surfers are big time travelers. All surfers begin at their local beach, but soon enough they get the itch to explore the world in order to catch new and different waves. Not only does this satisfy their inner travel bug, but it also helps their skills in the water. Continuously changing up your surf location really helps you become a better surfer.

California artist, Wendy Gold, offers a new way of documenting one’s surf travels. Using old vintage maps as her canvas, Gold creates unique and specialized push pin maps. And for the surfer full of wanderlust, she offers a Surfing Travel Adventure World Push Pin Map. Featuring incredible imagery of a surfer riding a huge wave, this stunning map is certain to inspire all wave riders to get out and see the world.

Below we have listed six of the top surf locations from around the world—from Europe to Central America. Check them out. And when you return, be sure to pin them on your surfing travel map.

1. Maldives

The Maldives are located in the central Indian Ocean. It is a nation of islands and consists of around 1,200 coral islands which span across 26 atolls. Male is the name of the nation’s capital. Tony Hussein Hinde is said to be the first person to surf in the Maldives. He is known as the “father of surfing in the Maldives.” Hinde sailed from Sri Lanka to Reunion Island. On this voyage he was shipwrecked. This was when he stumbled upon the very surf-friendly waves in the Maldives. Soon after, he organized surf trips and a tourism industry in the area. Some five decades later, there are now several surf resorts and charter boats servicing numerous surfers and tourists every year.

2. Portugal

Portugal is a country located in southern Europe. It is the oldest nation state on the Inberian Peninsula. Portugal has some of the best waves to surf on the European continent. The country’s prime surf locations are Nazare, Peniche, Ericeira, and Cascais. The waves and surfing are so consistently good that one year the Portuguese bureau of tourism offered a deal of "guaranteed good waves" to visiting surfers. Tourists were promised an all-expenses-paid return trip to Portugal if the waves were not good.

3. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a Central American nation. It sits between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It features 250 kilometers of surfable coastline and the conditions are ideal: water temperature is usually around 80 degrees, the off-shore winds are consistent, wave height is typically shoulder high to overhead, and the crowds are mostly quiet. From mid-May until mid-November Nicaragua’s beaches boast consistent surf with big swells. Accommodations vary from cheap hostels to five-star resorts. No matter your budget, you will find a place to sleep and surf.

Indonesian surfing locations pinned on travel map

Above: Indonesian surfing locations pinned on a travel map

4. Indonesia

The Republic of Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia. It lies between the Pacific and Indian oceans. Over seventeen thousand islands make up Indonesia. Surfers consider Indonesia to be the “most rich-wave zone in the world.” Surf tourism is now a huge industry there. Some surf destinations within the country are Bali, Java, West Timor, Mentawai Islands, and Lombok & Sumbawa.

From beginners to professionals, all levels of surf skills can find waves there. However, more intermediate level waves are found at the most popular spots.

5. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country in the Indian Ocean and is in South Asia. To its west is the Arabian Sea; to its east is the Bay of Bengal. The water temperature is in the range of 80-84 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. The surf breaks in Sri Lanka vary from bottom points to reef breaks and beach breaks. These are ideal conditions for beginner and advanced surfers. The best months to surf the Southwest coast are November through April. While May through September are the best months to hit up the Eastern Province.

6. Tahiti

The islands of Tahiti are located in the Pacific Ocean, directly in the middle of Australia and South America. Tahiti is the largest of the French Polynesian islands. This large island is shaped like a figure eight. The larger section of the island is known as “Tahiti Nui.” The smaller section is called “Tahiti Iti.” The Tahitian village of Teahupoo is known for its incredible waves. It has become one of the most sought after surf spots in the world. Therefore, Billabong holds a yearly surf contest here. Professional surfers from all over the world compete in waves of more than 15 meters in height.

Start Pinning Your Surf Adventures

Whether you are planning on catching these waves, or you are looking for a new way to record your travels, Wendy Gold’s Surfing Travel Adventure World Push Pin Map is a fun and interactive way to plot or record your adventures. The map features impressive imagery of a surfer riding a massive wave along with the caption, “pursuit of the endless wave.” Also, you can choose to have a male or female surfer featured on the map. The maps can even be personalized with a name or phrase of your choice. Included with the map are 100 push pins which let you mark the locations you have surfed, and also the spots you have yet to ride. This Push Pin Surf Map makes a great gift for surfers and travelers alike.

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