Making collage art

 Commission Custom Art

How do I commission a new fully custom globe or map?
Please email us and explain exactly what you envision, and we’ll get back to you with a price quote. If you’d like to share drawings, photos, color swatches or color codes, those can be helpful.

What are the terms of commissioning a custom piece of art?
Wendy Gold Studios will develop all artwork and designs for you; we reserve the right to decline any Client-supplied artwork or design.

The “Scope of Work” noted in the original contract or sales price includes one preliminary design and one round of revisions. If you need more than one round of revisions or the development of other assets, it is considered beyond the Scope of Work and Wendy Gold Studios will bill an hourly rate of $50/hour for additional work. No ongoing work beyond the original Scope will be done without prior written approval.

Customize Pin Maps and Globes

How do I customize a pin map or globe I see on your website?
We include simple customization with many pin maps and globes. In general, if you see names, words, and/or dates on a sample globe or map on our website, those can be personalized at no charge. You’ll find free customization options for these in the checkout process.

For further customization (for example, a new custom legend on one of our existing vintage maps), the price will be determined based on how much time it takes to create your vision.

Custom work is anything not seen on the existing product image. Even small additions will be billed at an hourly rate of $50/hour

Pin Maps

Why don’t you use maps with current geography?
Some of our pin maps are created with authentic vintage maps, because we love their antique look. We’ve tried to re-create “modern” maps with the same aesthetic appeal, but today’s methods can only get so close to the hand-plotted maps of the past. We are willing to live with the quirks and some archaic place names in exchange for the vintage beauty.

We offer certain maps (such as World Wide Adventures) in both Vintage Antique and an up-to-date, accurate Modern World map. If you want current place names for pinning purposes, order a Modern map. If beauty is your priority, nothing compares to the artistry of a Vintage map.

How old are the vintage maps you use?
Most of our vintage maps are from the early 1900s. Though some geographical place names have changed over the years, the landmasses remain the same.

Can I add a specific location to the map?
Absolutely. We charge $20 per location for plotting and adding a location to your map. Note that we do not alter landmasses in any way.

Can I get my map or canvas in a different size than those the website offers?
Yes. Please contact us with your desired dimensions, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

How do I hang my framed pin map?
Our framed artwork and pin maps come wired and ready to hang.
• Hang centered on a screw or nail (not included).
• If using a nail, hammer it in at a 45-degree angle rather than straight in.
Note: Many museums and galleries hang artwork so that the center of the work is 57 inches from the floor, as that’s the average eye-height.

How do I mount a rolled print push pin map?
Your rolled push pin print map is shipped to you wrapped around a tube (rather than inside it) to prevent damage that can occur when a rolled print is put into or taken out of a tube. Unwrap it carefully.

Place your new push pin map on a flat surface and weigh it down with non-abrasive objects such as books. Once it’s relaxed into a flat form, you can mount it several ways:
• Pin it to a corkboard.
• Mount it on foamcore (available at craft and art supply stores) or another substance that can accept pins.
• Foamcore by itself isn’t suitable for hanging. If you plan to hang your new map on a wall, we recommend that you place the map and foamcore in a frame. If you plan to use pins, remove the glass first. Turn the frame upside down and place the map, facing forward, in it. Then, tape the foamcore onto the back of the frame so it stays in place. We recommend using black artist tape.

You can also simply take your print to a frame shop where professionals will do it all for you.

Are pins included with pin maps?
Yes, we include 100 pins with each pin map order, and you can choose which color you prefer during checkout. Please look through the packaging thoroughly to find your bag of pins. With rolled prints, please check in both end caps of the tube.

Pin Globes

Are pins included with pin globes?
Yes, we include 100 pins with each pin globe order, and you can choose which color you prefer during checkout. Your pins come in a canvas bag that’s tied around the globe axis that attaches to the base.

How do I get the pins in the pin globe?
Your pin globe comes with a wooden pin tool that’s shaped to offer leverage when pressing pins into the globe. There is an indentation on one end of the pin tool filled with rubber cement; put the pin head in the indentation, then push the pin in.

We recommend using fingers initially to pinpoint the location you choose, then using the tool to push pins into place. You can hammer the tool lightly if need be. Once you get a feel for using the pin tool, subsequent pins will be easier to insert.

The globes are made of recycled material. They are designed to have some give in the axis, so don’t worry about pressing too hard. We’ve never had a case of someone breaking the axis. Feel free to use elbow grease as long as the globe ball itself is braced on your legs or something else that won’t give.

Can I request a certain base style or color for my globe?
Yes, we do our best to accommodate any and all requests.

Can I see a proof of a customized globe or map so I can approve it before it is finished?
Absolutely. Please request a proof when you place your order, and we’ll send a photo to you via email for your approval before shipping.

How should I maintain or clean my globe?
We recommend that you keep your globe out of direct sunlight. It can be cleaned with a dry microfiber cloth.

Can people sign your globes, such as to use as a wedding guest book?
Yes! We recommend black sharpies for ivory or blue globes, and metallic sharpies (silver or gold) for black or dark-colored globes. We also carry black ink, fine-tip pens that can personalized with names and dates.

Vintage Globe Art

Why does it take 6-8 weeks to get my vintage globe art?
Each globe has to be sourced, then hand-made and finished. Quality work and artistry take time, and we take the time to make each globe perfect for you.

Can I see the specific globe that my design will be made on?
Yes, feel free to email us after you place your order asking to see which globes we have in our inventory. We'll send photos of globes that will work for the theme you choose, and you can then handpick which globe you'll get.

Can I send you my own globe to use for my order? Does that change pricing?
Yes, if you have a globe that you’d like us to use, please send a photo along with the design you're interested in, and we’ll get back to you with a price quote.

Where do you get the vintage globes you use?
We collect our vintage globes (and maps) from flea markets, estate sales and online sites.

Can I sell you my vintage globe?
Yes, we're always looking for new canvases. Please send a photo along with a price that includes the shipping cost, and we will let you know if we're interested in purchasing.

Collage Map Art & Vignettes

How do you make your collage map art?
Creating collages – with the world as the backdrop – is the ultimate treasure hunt and puzzle.
It begins at the flea market, where I gather vintage world maps, engravings, ephemera and illustrations. Once the materials are ready, I piece them together to create a new, seamless work of art.

Ranging from flora and fauna to wishes for a great voyage (and so much more!), each work of art takes countless hours to create. While my primary focus is to illuminate beauty and spark wonder, the geographic backdrop of each map also stirs meaningful reflections of our greater journey.


Do you provide expedited shipping?
Yes. There is an expedited shipping option offered in the checkout process. Please keep in mind that production time is not included in transit times.

What If my artwork arrived with damage?
We pack and ship artwork with care, using very high-quality packing materials. However, if your item arrives damaged, please save the box and send us photos of the box and the damaged item. With this information, we can file a claim and get new artwork sent your way.

Partner with Us

Do you wholesale?
We wholesale select items. Please contact us for wholesale inquiries.

Do you license your work for commercial use?
Yes, we are always looking for licensing opportunities, so please contact us.

Social Media

Can I post about your work on my blog or website?Definitely! Please just make sure you link back to us and give credit for photos where credit is due. Our website is https://wendygold.com/. On Instagram, please link to @wendygoldstudios. When posting on Facebook, please link to @wendygoldstudios.

Still Have A Question?

Please email us and we’ll do our best to answer any question you might have.