3 Unique Gifts Filled with Nostalgia

Nostalgia is defined as, “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.” It is understood to be a mix of pleasure and sadness. But nostalgia is more often associated with a positive feeling. Everything from sounds and smells, to pictures and places can inspire nostalgia. Gifts, too, can come with a bit of nostalgia. If your present gets a reaction like, “I loved that book as a kid!” Or “I remember this movie!” Then you have evoked some nostalgia in someone.

Working from this theme of nostalgia, California artist, Wendy Gold, has added a touch of throwback flair to her signature vintage globe art. Gold has gathered classic imagery from recycled books and hand collaged them onto vintage world globes. These are all hand-cut from recycled books. They tell the story while they spin. Images include characters created by Dr. Seuss, scenes from Where the Wild Things Are, and a few of our favorite superheroes. The end result is a whimsical mix of fond memories and wanderlust.

To The Rescue - Superhero Globe Art

Superhero Globes

To The Rescue Vintage Globe Art

As children, who among us adults didn’t love superheroes? And with all the grownups flocking to the movie theaters to see all the superhero movies that have come out over the last decade, it’s difficult not to give some credit to nostalgia for this box office success. Wendy Gold has created globes with imagery of superheroes such as Captain America, Wolverine, Spiderman, and more.

Captain America

Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, was a World War 2 war hero before he became the superhero he is known as today. Rogers wanted desperately to join the army when he was a young man. But his poor health got him rejected. Taken with Rogers’ enthusiasm, a general offered Rogers an opportunity to take part in an experimental treatment called Super-Soldier formula. He received a perfect human body from the experiment. Rogers is trained in gymnastics, military strategy, and hand-to-hand combat. Now known as Captain America and fights continuously for liberty and justice.


James “Logan” Howlett is advanced in age, but has the strength of a man who is in his prime age and who works out intensively. When he becomes Wolverine, he can see and hear things at great distances and he recognizes people and things by the way they smell. His retractable bone claws are stored in his forearms. They are a part of his skeletal system. He can release them whenever he needs, and with them he can cut through most materials. Wolverine heals from bruises and injuries at an accelerated rate. For example, he can heal from a broken limb in a matter of days, or even hours. Wolverine is a martial arts master. He is also trained as a Samurai and a CIA operative.


Spiderman, also known as Peter Parker, is a freelance photographer and adventurer. As Spiderman, he possesses superhuman strength. He is able to make certain parts of his body stick to most surfaces. A radiation-exposed common house spider bit Peter Parker. As a result, he acquired these superhuman abilities. Spiderman can lift 10 tons of weight and can dodge bullets. He possesses a “danger” sense, sometimes referred to as “Spidey-Sense,” that enables him to react to bad things before they happen.

Literary Globes

Oh the Places You’ll Go Globe

Dr. Seuss and his children’s books are more big inspirations of nostalgia. From Green Eggs and Ham to The Cat in the Hat, his books are known and recognized by so many of us. Oh the Places You’ll Go, Dr. Seuss’ last book published during his lifetime, is a popular gift for students graduating from kindergarten, middle school, and high school. Even college grads can find some inspiring and motivating messages from this classic book. Written in Seuss’ signature rhythms, Oh the Places You’ll Go shows the reader all the trials and tribulations that he or she will go through as they head out into the world. From happy times to tough times, and even waiting times (as seen in the Waiting Place), this story teaches perseverance and self reliance.

World Globe with Oh The Places You'll Go artwork for a unique Dr. Seuss gift

Where the Wild Things Are Globe

Tells the story of a young boy named Max. Max likes to dress in his wolf suit and wreak havoc in his home. Max is then sent to bed by his mother. He had no supper because he was being wild and naughty. Max then imagines himself sailing away to an island which is inhabited by the Wild Things. The Wild Things crown Max king. Eventually Max has enough of being king and wants to be a little boy again. So he returns home to his bedroom. There he finds a hot meal which his mother has left for him to eat. Children learn from this story that imaginations are a great thing, and that they can take us anywhere we would like to go.

Where the Wild Things Are vintage globe art

Choose Globes as Gifts!

Wendy Gold is inspired by vintage globes and their unique sense of wonder and nostalgia. She adds her own artistic touch by layering imagery on top of the vintage canvas. In this collection of globes, Gold adds nostalgia on top of nostalgia. Parents can gift their children the Where the Wild Things Are globe and introduce them to one of their favorite stories from their childhood. And Like Max, children can look at Gold’s globe with the Where the Wild Things Are images and imagine themselves anywhere in the world. Or, with the Oh the Places You’ll Go globe, teachers will appreciate its mix use as both a geography tool, as well as a reading comprehension aid. Comic book fans can get their kids a Spiderman globe and introduce them to their favorite superhero, while also introducing to the world around them.

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