5 Gifts for an Adventurer

Getting a Gift for a Traveler

Whether or not you like to get out of town yourself, getting a gift for the traveler in your life can be a daunting task. What do you get for the person who has been everywhere and seen everything the USA has to offer?

Here’s an idea for a perfect present: Travelers love to keep records of their adventures. Some take photos, while others keep journals. But Push Pin Travel Maps offer a new way to document and celebrate journeys made and destinations reached. Not only is the map functional—the pins keep a record of places you’ve been, but it is also decorative—the maps are custom designed with four framing options available.

Here are five Americana-inspired and adventure-themed push pin maps for the travel enthusiast in your life.

USA travel push pin map with license plates from across the country in the background
customized park map with couple's names

National Parks USA Push Pin Map

From Shenandoah in Virginia, to Redwood in California, there are 63 National Parks in the United States of America, which cover more than 84 million acres of land. That’s a lot of parks and land for the adventurer in your life to cover. But you know they can do it! So help inspire them to plot and document their journey with our National Parks USA Push Pin Map. You can also add major cities to the map for no additional charge.

A common traveler's goal is to visit all the National Parks. Currently, there are 63: 51 in the lower 48 states, 8 in Alaska, 2 in Hawaii, and 2 in American territories. Visiting all of these is an impressive feat! Many National Park travelers just use a simple checklist to keep track, which is less than ideal. So help them keep track of where they’ve been or haven’t been with this travel map.

baseball themed map

Baseball Ballpark Adventures USA Push Pin Map

Baseball is an important piece of Americana. It's full of history and nostalgia. However, a lot of stadiums have been demolished or renovated over the years. This push pin map allows your baseball loving adventurer to keep track of their ballpark visits.

Know someone who loves to travel and also loves baseball? Well, here is the perfect gift for the adventurous sports fanatic in your life. From Fenway Park, to Dodger Stadium, our Baseball Ballpark Adventures USA Push Pin Map features 30 MLB stadiums spanning from coast to coast. This is a fun and interactive way to track games and stadium visits. You will surely hit it out of the park with this gift!

personalized legend with family names

Road Trip USA Map with Push Pins

Road tripping is as American as apple pie and baseball. There's the Historic Route 66 and its classic truck stops and iconic neon signage. And the Pacific Coast Highway and its captivating ocean views. How can one not want to travel across America? From hiking to birdwatching, there's plenty for an adventurer to do. The Road Trip USA Map includes one hundred push pins so you can mark the spots you’ve been to, as well as locate the places you have yet to get to. You can even track the routes you took with the included red string and hand-cut flags.

top golf courses push pin map example

Top 100 US Golf Courses Push Pin Travel Map

Golf courses are known for having scenic landscapes and a synchronicity with nature. This makes for an ideal destination for the golf enthusiast who loves to travel.

Do you have a friend or family member that brings their clubs everywhere they go? Or maybe they go to specific places purely for their famous golf course. For those people, you need to get them the Top 100 US Golf Courses Push Pin Travel Map.

If they are an avid traveling golfer, they might not even realize how many of the Top 100 courses they've actually been to. When pinned on a map, they can clearly see and reminisce on those memorable rounds of golf across the country. From Pebble Beach in California to Kiawah Island in South Carolina, our US Golf Courses Push Pin Travel Map features one hundred golf courses for your golf buddy to play and pin!

stadium tour map with a legend highlighting football stadiums in the USA

USA Football Stadium Push Pin Map

Need a gift for the globetrotting football fan in your life? Inspire them to take their tailgating on the road with this USA Football Stadium Pin Map. From Levi’s Stadium in California, to TIAA Bank Field in Florida, this map features 31 different stadiums from all parts of the country. They can visit the Lambeau Field in Wisconsin, which has been active for over 64 years. It is also the longest occupied NFL stadium in history. Then check out Heinz Field in Pennsylvania. It has an impressive historical museum containing lots of Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia, as well as collectibles from all the other NFL teams.

How to Choose the Right Map

There are a ton of trinkets and gadgets geared towards travel. However, the appeal of these gifts are often short-lived and have little practical use. A sure way to know your gift will be enjoyed by the adventurer in your life is by giving a push pin travel map. It's unique, fun, and a beautiful addition to any room, office, or even an RV.

Before you choose from our diverse selections of maps, you will want to do some investigating. For instance: What do they like to do when they travel? What's their favorite hobby or sport? What is their preferred means of travel?

If you know that they love to ski or fly fish, then choosing a map is considerably easier. Additionally, you don't need to know anything about these activities in order to give them a gift to match their adventures!

Wendy Gold: Special Gifts, For a Special Traveler

If they are not telling you about where they have been, then they are telling you about where they want to go next. The traveler always has a destination in mind; their bucket list is never full. Regardless of the occasion, a push pin map makes the perfect gift for a traveler.

Ibn Battua said, “Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Let the traveler in your life tell their stories—from the cities they have explored, to the foreign foods they have tasted—with Push Pin Travel Maps.

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