Last Minute Gifts

Waited to the last minute to get your holiday gifts? Don’t fret—we’ve all been there. To help you find that perfect present, we’ve listed a few of our favorite fun and creative items from California artist, Wendy Gold. From globes to puzzles, our list below contains several great last minute gifts which Wendy has put her own artistic touch on.

Unique Map Puzzles

Wendy Gold has teamed up with Galison Puzzles to create several unique 1,000-piece puzzle sets. Imagery ranges from USA state-shaped puzzles (featuring Texas, Nevada, Minnesota, California, Hawaii, Florida, Colorado, and New York) to animals that are facing extinction and US state flowers. Puzzles are great gifts for a couple of reasons. First, they are fun and interactive. And second, the completed puzzle ends up being a beautiful piece of artwork for your home.

Push Pin Globes

Wendy Gold’s Push Pin Globes are a great way for adventurers to document their travels. Gold layers her artwork onto a vintage globe, which functions as her canvas. Each globe includes a push pin travel kit that lets you visually mark each city and country you have visited. The bases are designed to allow the globe to spin completely around for easy viewing. The final product ends up being an interactive and decorative piece of artwork. And a thoughtful gift for that special someone in your life who loves to travel.

Journal Set

Journaling and traveling go hand in hand. Surprisingly, there are those of us that still like the traditional way of documenting and remembering our adventures. Despite the digital age we live in. Therefore, Wendy Gold partnered with Galison Publishing to create a lovely set of three journals. Each 96-page journal features Gold’s collage map artwork on its cover. The binders each feature inspirational words like “Imagine,” “Explore,” and “Discover.” This cool and creative set of travel diaries makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys jotting down stories from their journeys.