Mapping the Wines of the World

Renowned California artist, Wendy Gold, understands the importance of chronicling your explorations. Consequently, she also acknowledges that some adventures deserve unique keepsakes. Inspired by the current climate of the world, we see the absolute necessity of remembering it all. Here at Wendy Gold Studios, there is no better way to make these adventures last forever than with a push pin travel map. Whether buying for yourself or for a unique gift for the wine-lover in your life, mapping the wines of the world with our push pin maps is both fun and elegant.

It’s 2021 and life is busy. People are working harder than ever, but they’re still making time for themselves. We can all agree that, across cultures and nations, two things that truly bring pleasure in life are great food and great drinks.

Enter: wine

A bold red, a light white, a rosé, or even a dry sherry- tasting your way to that sweet spot where you feel most satisfied is an exciting escapade.

Enjoying a glass of wine alone or with friends has become a newfound hobby for many. Novice wine lovers and wine aficionados alike are tasting their way around the world- right from the convenience of their living rooms these days. Regardless of where you're experiencing your wine, each sip is a new memory.

Top Wine Regions to Pin on Your Map

Some of the world's finest wines come from very well-known regions in the following three countries. The Sonoma Valley and the Napa region find their home right here in America. France has the Champagne, Rhone Valley, or ever-famous Bordeaux region. Italy is home to the Tuscany and Piedmont regions. Whether you look to the west or the east, there is always a wine adventure to be had.

America: California's Wine Country

Some of us are quick to equate America with a beer in a tin can at a bbq. That isn't all that the US has to offer! America holds its own when it comes to fine wine production. In the better half of the last centennial, America has finally worked for and earned respect amongst the international fine wine conversations.

The most renowned wine-producing areas in America are The Sonoma and Napa regions in California. Contrary to popular belief, America actually has a plethora of diverse wine-producing regions. America also has a variety of climates. They differ within states as well as across state lines. This makes for a diverse wine-producing landscape across The US.

We won’t take the spotlight off of California, however, as it is responsible for nearly 90% of the wine production in the US. Napa is known for its variety of wines. Whether you’re in the mood for a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Pinot noir, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, or even Sauvignon blanc- you can rest assured that Napa has it for you.

Push pins in the Sonoma and Napa Valley map to show a wine tasting tour

Above: Push pins, flags, and string mapping a wine tasting tour through Sonoma and Napa Valley, California.

France: Champagne, Rhone Valley and Bordeaux

Due to the variability of climates in France, the diversity when it comes to wine production in the country is vast. In the north, the Champagne region has one of the coolest climates known to the wine production world.

In the south, the Atlantic Ocean plays a large part in the nautical climate of the Rhone Valley. The summers in the Valley are warm and the winters are cool. In contrast to this, to the east, we have the Alsace and Burgundy regions. The continental climate here warrants warm, dry summers and cold winters.

The Bordeaux region of France is the most famously known. It is nestled on the southwest coast of the country. It is celebrated for the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The climate in this region is heavily influenced by the short winters and high humidity levels.

This incredible shift in climate from one region to the other affects the chemistry of the grapes and therefore elicits magnificent variety from category to category. Each bottle has a story to tell.

Italy: Tuscany and Piedmont Regions

The culture and tradition of wine-making date back nearly two millennia in Italy. Similarly, Italy has climate variability like France and America. Italy produces a massive volume of wine yearly. With nearly 200,000 acres of grape-producing land in Italy the only other countries even close to this volume of the production are Spain and France.

In the central region of Tuscany, home to the cities of Florence and Siena, the Sangiovese grapes dominate this region. This area is naturally rich in history and legend. It is the birthplace of the Renaissance. The dramatic landscapes, Chianti, and other dry reds in Tuscany tell their own story. One other masterpiece that hails from this region is the Vin Santo "holy wine".

To the northwest of Tuscany, the Piedmont region rests comfortably along the coast. This region’s most prized treasure is its wine. Bordered by the massive Alps and Apennine mountain regions, this landscape is responsible for the favorable climate in the Piedmont region. One of the most interesting and favorable factors involved in Piedmont wine production is that it is home to the most DOCG and DOC certified wines. This label is rather prestigious. It indicates that the wine was created with the highest of standards. As a result, the process yields top-quality wine.

wine push pin travel map

The Ultimate Gift For Wine Lovers

In short, no matter where you are on your wine journey, our push pin maps will evoke the nostalgia of your wine travel adventures.. Whether you’ve recently joined a wine of the month club to savor new experiences in your very own kitchen or you find yourself reminiscing about that time in Napa, one thing is for certain: these memories are what you’ll look back on as time passes. If there’s anything life has taught us recently, it’s to enjoy every moment and to hold fast to these souvenirs we keep tucked away in our memories.

At Wendy Gold Studios, we understand the weight behind a memory. There’s nothing better than looking around your home and seeing your adventures chronicled beautifully right in front of you. Above all, there's no better way to keep track of your wine adventures. A beautifully hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind push pin globe or map is waiting for you. Looking for a unique gift for the wine lover in your life? Look no further.

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