Maps do more than chart territory
They tell us where we are

They link our life to the land,
To the sea,
To our journeys across them.
Maps place us within something larger than ourselves,
Something we can spend a lifetime exploring
and never come close to fully knowing.

And whether they’re flat and hung on the wall
Or round and spinning,
They tell the story of our past, present and future
Of the places we’ve lived,
The places we’ve visited
The places we’ve dreamt about.
It’s impossible to look at a map of the world and not project our own
on top of it.

Which is why we created Wendy Gold Studios.

To help people see more than a world with seven
continents surrounded by bodies of water.
To help them see a world full of wonder.
Of mazes made of mountains
And skies swimming with butterflies.
Of colors and places cut from dreams
with endless hikes through them
dives into them,
And routes across them.

Because once we’ve mapped out our world,
The only thing left to do is explore it.

Wendy Gold Studios
Artwork for Explorers