handmade globe in progress
Commission a Signature Handmade Globe

What makes your world spin?

Any size, any design. Made to order by artist Wendy Gold, the only woman in the world today crafting bespoke, original globes.

How we craft your handmade globe

Wendy Gold and team will work with you in a personalized collaborative process to create a design you love for both your globe and its base.

You’ll get 3D renderings as the design process evolves, so you’ll know precisely how your custom globe is developing before we move forward with the actual hands-on creation of the commissioned piece.

Imagine the possibilities

The design you choose could be based on geography, or pure abstract art. It could be a six-foot-tall expression of your brand. Each commissioned handmade globe created by Wendy Gold is an original work of art.

If you can dream it, Wendy Gold Studios can work with you to create it.

Feeling inspired?
Are you interested in commissioning a custom piece? Send us a message.