Capturing the Essence of a Lifetime's Journey

As we traverse the globe, exploring new horizons and creating lasting memories, it's essential to pause and reflect on the paths we've trodden, the places we've encountered, and the stories we've collected along the way. Wendy Gold Studios offers an artistic avenue to make your travels even more engaging, all while beautifully illustrating the journey of your lifetime.

Pins That Chronicle Your Odyssey
At Wendy Gold Studios, we specialize in transforming vintage maps and globes into exquisite works of art and embracing the words of the explorer Ibn Battuta, "Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." Our commitment to Handmade Artistry and Thoughtful Gifting allows you to encapsulate the essence of your travels, permitting you to revisit your escapades and share your unique story.

adventure pin map

Personalization and Uniqueness
With an array of exquisite products to choose from, you can select a handcrafted World, USA, regional, or hobby map tailored to your preferences. The magic lies in the ability to personalize these pieces by using pins to mark the places you've explored, the ones you dream of visiting, and those that hold a special place in your heart. With 100 push pins included, you have the freedom to share and reminisce, transforming your wanderlust into a tangible representation of your adventures.

Personalized gifts don't stop at pin maps, with Collage Map Art masterfully combining function and aesthetics. Artist Wendy Gold artfully collages vintage maps, ephemera, and handcrafted illustrations to commemorate your favorite places. Whether you're captivated by flora and fauna or have dreams of great voyages, there's a unique piece ready to grace your walls and your world.

Or maybe you're partial to globes? Imagine having a round canvas that tells a story with every spin. Our Push Pin Globes are an immersive way to encapsulate your travel memories and our Vintage Globes bring the world to life through handmade decoupage art. With our Pin globes, you have the freedom to choose personalized legends, tailored designs, and custom engravings. For the Vintage Globes, you can personalize these globes to commemorate milestones, match your decor, or reflect your personal style.

RV push pin map

"Every map is a story waiting to be told."

When we utilize pin maps and globes to chronicle our travels, we're not just celebrating destinations; we're celebrating life's journeys. Each pin tells a story, evokes memories, and invites introspection. These pieces are not just art; they're a reflection of our dreams and the chapters of our lives.

For travel enthusiasts, explorers, and art lovers alike, there's something truly exceptional in Wendy Gold Studios' offerings. So, next time you embark on a new journey or reminisce about your past adventures, consider how you can beautifully illustrate the journey of your lifetime with these remarkable, personalized creations. Your wanderlust has found its canvas, and your adventures have found their storyteller.

Join us in celebrating life's journeys through art! Explore Wendy Gold Studios and turn your wanderlust into a tangible masterpiece.

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