Everyday is Earth Day at Wendy Gold Studios™

My first foray into the art of decoupage was to take vintage ephemera and collage them onto toilet seats and bathroom scales. I started a company called Art de Toilette, and did that exclusively for 5 years. Working on surfaces that would be stored in the bathroom and had to be waterproof required me to use glues and finishes that were very toxic, and carried warning labels.  When I became pregnant with my daughter, I was forced to close Art de Toilette, after my physician told me that using the glues and chemical products needed for my work could cause harm to my unborn child, not to mention myself.

My passion is creating decorative art via collaging onto “canvases” with inherent commentary. Then one day at our local flea market, I stumbled onto the most beautiful vintage globe and experienced a fortuitous flash of inspiration to try decoupaging globes. The rest is history.

And the best part is that using globes, I could use water based finishes, which are non-toxic. This seemed really pivotal, as the world was becoming my canvas.

In 2010 I started Wendy Gold Studios™ (originally ImagineNations) focused on creating globe and map art with the commitment to conducting business in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

This still continues today. Every day is Earth Day at Wendy Gold Studios™

  • I recycle antique and vintage maps, globes, engravings, ephemera and illustrations to create up-cycled artwork like collage map art, personalized push pin maps and globes, and vintage globe art.
  • All products are Handmade in the USA, which reduces carbon footprint, and are shipped to my clients in recyclable cardboard boxes.
  • We use ecofriendly finishes
  • Even our pushpin map frames are made from recycled wood and manufactured in the USA!

After my daughter was born, I made a commitment to creating my art in the most Ecofriendly way possible, and never looked back.

Happy Earth Day,









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