Happy Holidays: Using Repurposed Globes and Maps in Holiday Décor

Experience the magic of the holiday season at Wendy Gold Studios, where our gallery comes alive with festive touches. Visit us in person to see imagination, vintage maps and globes add a unique and enchanting flair to our space during this special time of year.

At the heart of our display is our World Globe Snowman, a charming stack of graduated world globes adorned with a vintage scarf, carrot nose, and repurposed hat. It's more than a snowman; he's a nostalgic celebration of winter's joy, sparking many conversations. Many years ago, we had an online naming contest and the winning name for our Snowglobeman was Waldo.

snowman globe
Draped on our front door is the Vintage Map Wreath, sustainably crafted from vintage maps and colored paper rosettes, each representing journeys and childhood memories. Beyond being a decoration, it stands as a symbol of our commitment to sustainable decor.
map wreath

Finally, adorning our gallery tree are the decoupaged ornaments, small masterpieces crafted from globe ornaments. Each ornament invites reflection on past journeys and dreams of future adventures. These handmade, sustainable decorations breathe life and holiday spirit into our gallery, turning it into a space filled with uniqueness and creativity.

globe ornaments

Our stunning menorah, fashioned from vintage globes, brings a worldly elegance to the Hanukkah tradition. Each night, its radiant glow embodies the essence of cultural heritage and global unity.

globe menorah

While these treasures aren't available for purchase online, they add a touch of vintage joy and warmth to our gallery space, creating an immersive experience for our visitors. We invite you to step into the magic of repurposed materials and let creativity illuminate your holiday season by visiting Wendy Gold Studios and letting us inspire your own imagination for home decor.

Happy Holidays!

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