Map Your Love Story: Eco-Friendly Wedding Decor for the Travel-Inspired Couple

Planning a wedding that reflects your love for travel and sustainability? Wendy Gold Studios offers the perfect blend of eco-friendly, personalized decor that adds a unique touch to your special day. Our map art and pin maps make for memorable guest books, while our globe art serves as stunning table decor, ideal for couples who cherish their wanderlust.

Imagine a guest book that's not just a book but a piece of art. Our map art and pin maps can be created with extra large borders that allow your guests write you their best wishes for your marriage. This interactive experience creates a cherished keepsake. Each map is customizable, allowing you to choose the style, size, and framing options that best fit your wedding theme.

For table decor that sparks conversation and adds a touch of whimsy, our vintage globe art is unbeatable. These handcrafted pieces can be personalized to tell your love story or highlight your favorite destinations. The globes are decoupaged by hand with eco-friendly materials, ensuring that your wedding decor aligns with your commitment to sustainability. Placed as centerpieces, they draw guests into a world of exploration and wonder, making your wedding both beautiful and meaningful.

At Wendy Gold Studios, we pride ourselves on creating art that celebrates life's journeys. Our products are not only unique and personalized but also crafted with a deep respect for the environment. By choosing our map and globe art for your wedding decor, you’re opting for pieces that are handmade, sustainable, and timeless. Let us help you tell your story and create unforgettable moments on your special day.

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