Map Your Love Story: Unique Gifts for Valentine's Day

Wendy Gold Studios is built on love - artist and owner Wendy Gold’s love and obsession with maps and globes, and creation of original works of art and unique milestone keepsake gifts, using maps and globes as her canvas and inspiration. Over the years, Wendy’s maps and globes have been used in marriage proposals, celebrating weddings, honoring anniversaries, and as Valentine’s Day gifts.

marry me map

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the day; it’s about celebrating the journey of love. Wendy Gold’s personalized push pin maps and globes aren’t mere gifts; they’re milestones etched in time. Each pin symbolizes not just a place, but a cherished memory—a shared laugh, or an unforgettable moment. These pieces are storytellers of past explorations and travels, and future dreams, that speak volumes about the unique bond between two individuals and their shared lives together. 

Lovebirds card

This year, to enhance your Valentine’s Day celebration, we're offering a special gift—a Lovebirds collage map art Valentine's card custom designed by the artist—complimentary with every custom engraved push pin globe purchase. It's our way of adding an extra touch of love to your journey together. So, this Valentine's Day, honor your shared experiences, celebrate your adventures, and capture your love story with Wendy Gold Studios' push pin travel maps and globes. They're not just artworks; they're legacies—timeless expressions of your enduring love.

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