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Maps provide a visualization of the place you live in, and the world around you. There is also the inspiration aspect: Just looking at a map can inspire one to get off the couch and see the world.

About Push Pin Maps by Wendy Gold

But the maps we’re talking about are not regular old maps; we’re talking about Push Pin Maps. A Push Pin Map is one that includes pins for marking places you have been, and places you still have yet to see. Yeah, Push Pin Maps offer all the benefits mentioned above, but they also provide more of an interactive experience. From plotting and planning, to documenting and cataloging, Push Pin Maps are a fun and exciting way to prepare for, and record, one’s travels.

California artist, Wendy Gold, has taken the Push Pin Map experience to another level. Gold searches flea markets, book stores, and estate sales for old, vintage maps. Working primarily with decoupage, Gold then takes vintage imagery that was created by hand with pen and ink, and puts them on the maps. All of Gold’s Push Pin Maps are handmade. Therefore, the final product is a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of art—no two of Gold’s maps are alike.

Great Conversation Starter

Push Pin Maps can be great conversation starters. When hanging in your home, a Push Pin Map lets you show friends and family all the places you have visited. Perhaps you travel for work? Then hang a Push Pin Map in your office so you can tell your coworkers and clients about all the countries and cities that your work has taken you to. Or maybe you are in a travel club? A Push Pin Map would be a great addition to the clubhouse walls. At each meeting, you and the members can discuss and mark your journeys while planning the next adventure.

Maps with Personalized Legends

Wendy Gold’s Push Pin Maps can be personalized with custom legends. Maybe you know a couple who are having a destination wedding? Present them with a Push Pin Map featuring their names and with their wedding location already pinned. Or maybe your travel enthusiast buddy’s birthday is coming up and you don’t know what to get them? A Push Pin Map is a thoughtful way of recognizing their passion while scoring you points in the gift-giving department.


Wendy Gold’s Push Pin Maps come in a wide variety of themes. The maps of the United States are available in travel themes such as National Parks, Baseball Parks, RV & Camping, Mountain Biking, and much more. Gold also makes maps of the world. World map subjects include Golfing, Bucket List, SCUBA, Surfing, and many more. Don’t see a theme you are looking for? No problem. Wendy Gold will create a fully custom Push Pin Map of your idea.


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52 products