Globemaker Wendy Gold

Always one to seek out new creative inspiration and push her craft to the limit, California Artist Wendy Gold is changing the world again. This time with her one-of-a-kind Signature line of hand-made globes. 

 When envisioning her Signature line, Wendy committed to going way deeper than ever before. Simply adorning the surface wouldn’t be enough. With a proprietary and painstaking in-studio process, Wendy (together with her long-standing production team) fabricates the entire globe sphere from scratch. The bases and stands are created from materials chosen to best suit your taste and the desired aesthetic. The artwork and finishing touches are conceived, created, and also hand-assembled. High-quality work is always paramount and no detail spared. And because everyone’s world is different, no two are the same. From a traditional geographic interpretation to as far out as your mind can imagine, these three-dimensional rotating canvases represent the ultimate in creative opportunity.

 Currently the only woman, and only US-based maker of handmade globes in the world, Wendy takes great joy in partnering with her clients to create truly one-of-a-kind worlds. If you can imagine it, Wendy can make it. By hand.