8 Reasons to Visit US National Parks

We’ve been seeing pictures of National Parks since childhood. Textbooks, posters in the classroom, TV commercials. Think about that sunset you encounter on the way home from work, though. You try to snap a picture but it’s just never the same! Pictures don’t do justice to the natural beauty of this world. That’s why there’s no better time than the present to get out there and see with your own eyes the beauty our US National Parks have to offer.

Here at Wendy Gold Studios, we appreciate the natural beauty of this world. We understand the necessity to experience and remember it. Through the creative lens of Wendy Gold, the unique and personalized push pin map dedicated to US National Parks came to fruition. Inspired by vintage style, you’ll feel the character emanating from your map.

1. A Break From it All

A well-needed break from technology, from media overload, from reality! Many of us take for granted these days just how cleansing and cathartic it is to unplug. The thought of no internet may be anxiety-provoking for some of us, but we encourage you to embrace it! How many times a day do we find ourselves mindlessly scrolling on our phones? Looking at other people’s pictures. Getting a brief look into the part of their lives they want us to see. It’s time to put the phone down, close the laptop, sign out of Netflix, and get out there!

Close up of bird details on a Wendy Gold map

2. To See The Beauty

How much scenery are we talking about here? More than 80 million acres. 80 million! No matter the season, there are always breathtaking views. In spring, the land is budding. You can watch the sparsity from Winter bloom into magnificent floral scenes and greenery. In summer the heat is rising but you can find shelter under the lush canopies of the trees. You’ll be reminded of just how miraculous mother nature is. If you’re more interested in cooler weather, Autumn boasts a pallet of a thousand colors. Every twist and turn of the hiking trails reveals a new hue sure to take your breath away. Moreover, the wildlife! Whether you’re particularly taken by the tiny animals scurrying underfoot or find yourself looking above to observe the birds. The miracle of life will surround you when you’re exploring in a National Park.

3. For Healthy Activity

Physical activity is good for heart health and increased respiratory function. Being outside and tapping into nature also does wonders for mental and emotional health. Subsequently, whatever activity tickles your fancy, you’re sure to find it in a National Park. Yosemite is home to some of the world’s best rock climbing. At Prince William Forest Park you can put your phone on “do not disturb” and break out your compass. Orienteering programs here will send you on a modern-day treasure hunt. Great for all ages, you can set your own pace. The Great Smoky Mountains national park is home to over 800 miles of hiking trails. Novice hikers and experienced alike will find the trail right for them. For those interested in something with less walking, horseback riding is especially welcomed at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Looking for something else? Something new? Don’t sell yourself short- push your comfort zones! Rafting at Grand Canyon National Park, cave exploring at Mammoth Cave National Park, or sandboarding at Great Sand Dunes National Park is all sure to give you a new thrill.

4. There’s Something for Everyone

Family-friendly, a solo adventure, or a couple’s getaway. With 423 US National Parks to explore- you can find it all! The possibilities are endless. Traveling with family and children is sure to be an adventure. Most of the US national parks have child-friendly hiking trails. Every National Park offers jaw-dropping scenery. No better way to wow both your five-year-old and your 17-year-old alike than to show them. Think about the feelings evoked when gazing out into the Grand Canyon together.

Perhaps you’re looking for more of a soul-searching solo trip. You can both lose yourself and find yourself in nature. Thick brush, barren desert, or sparkling water- the choice is yours. If you’re looking for a couple’s getaway you can find many places that allow camping! Some of us prefer glamping as opposed to setting up camp along a desolate trail. If you’re looking to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or another occasion you can do so in the National Parks.

5. There's So Much To Learn

During your exploration of the National Parks, don’t forget to make note of the ecosystems! Relationships are what make an ecosystem function. The way in which the different species of plants and animals live amongst each other is superb. Furthermore, if traveling with children, this is where the textbooks come alive. No boring lectures, no troublesome tests, just observation, the wilderness, and you. Moreover, fun and learning aren’t just reserved for tiny tots in tow. There is something to be said when witnessing these feats as an adult. The wetlands, forests, grasslands, watersheds, and rivers are only some of the different ecosystems that are waiting for you across the US National Parks.

6. Awaken Your Inner Conservationist!

They say there’s nothing like being let free in the wild. Now while you’ll have to adhere to some rules, wild and free is exactly what you’ll be in America’s national parks. Especially if you’re already interested in protecting this country’s animals, plants, and natural resources then you know the magnificence of experiencing it all in person. At Wendy Gold Studios, the environment and future of this world are so important to us. That's why you'll see that our push pin maps and globes are made from eco-friendly, ethically sourced materials. There are also those who get out there, find themselves hiking with the fresh wind on their face, and something awakens deep within.

7. Entry is Affordable

Park entrance fees differ depending on where you’re looking to go. Surprisingly only 108 of the 423 parks have entrance fees. That means you can find the park that calls to the adventurer in you, and it may be free! No Park fee exceeds $40 per vehicle. Most range between $25 and $35 dollars though. In case you were wondering also, the park fees go towards habitat restoration, law enforcement, repair, and maintenance of said parks.

8. You Can Prepare on a Budget

The best part about traveling by car is that you can pack as you please! Many people choose to bring meals and snacks of all sorts. A cooler filled with homemade sandwiches, drinks from home, and snacks can save a solo traveler or a family of six a lot of money. Unlike a theme park where the snack carts are at every turn, snacks bought in bulk and brought with you are more likely to be healthier and more affordable!

Although we’ve listed eight here, the reasons for visiting National Parks are unending.

Wendy Gold Studios push pin National Park map

The Perfect Gift for Travelers, Families & Adventurers

Whether you’re trying to give a gift to the traveler who has everything, or you need the perfect graduation present, our National Parks Push Pin map is what you’re looking for. Custom designed by Wendy herself, our National Parks Push Pin map is professionally printed and customized for you. Not only does the National Park Map serve as an archive for your adventures, but it will also add a beautiful piece of art to your collection.

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